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Your score and why it matters.

  • 650 and below


Significantly limits your chances of approvals and brings the highest interest rates.

  • up to 669


Will have a high chance of denials and will bring high interest rates.

  • up to 739


Brings the possibility of approvals depending on various factors, with moderate interest rates.

  • 740 & up


Gives access to the highest possibility of approvals and the best interest rates.

Credit Scores By The Numbers

Average U.S Credit Score

Average Credit, Ages 18-49


Consumers under 670


Employers Who Check Applicants Credit

Restoring Your Score Can:

Increase Approvals

Your chances of loan and credit approvals significantly increase as your score goes up.

Lower Interest Rates

The better your credit, the more lenders will offer you attractive interest rates.

Increase Opportunities

Lenders, suppliers, franchises, employers, and even spouses all prefer 700+ credit.

Don’t Just Fix & Repair – Build & Grow!

Our approach is different. You deserve more than just repair.

Goal Driven Process

We evaluate your needs and guide you on a personalized and strategic path toward your goals.

Learn & Master

We help you understand and master your credit to create long term results.


We help you strategize the next steps toward your goals. Credit prep, loans, startup, etc.



C. Hamilton

“The ECB team was very informative and helpful with both my and my wife’s accounts. I was confused on certain things and didn’t have a proper understanding of credit scoring. The consultant gave me solid strategies and information, and now I know what to to do better my score. I’m very appreciative and thankful.”

M. McCall

“From where I was last year to this year my credit has improved tremendously. You’ve allowed me to have options. If I want to buy a car, I can. If I want to get a credit card, I can. You’ve helped me out a lot brother and I really appreciate it.”

M. Hopkins

“I’ve been very happy with the service. You have been very patient with us and I have already seen results that I’m happy with. I know that with your continued attention, my credit will be getting even better very soon.”

T. Fields

“Thank you, I see a huge jump in my credit scores. I am so happy. I am still following the plan and hopefully by the end of the year, I will be at 700. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.”