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We help you identify the negative factors affecting your credit and provide actionable strategies designed to improve your credit fast.



Full credit evaluation 

Determine all inaccurate information

Delete, validate and correct all inaccurate and unverifiable items including:



Late Payments

Public Records





Access a full suite of educational materials and articles to help you better understand how credit works. We help you be in control of your credit.



Access to our full credit education center

Specifically curated learning material for your situation 


Tailored action plan

Credit strategy checklist

Monthly reviews





Our experts help you evaluate and access the most aggressive and effective strategies to further develop and strengthen your credit.



Post restoration Pre-Application review

Tailored development action plan

Expert consultation based on your goals

Actionable strategies to build your credit fast

Full Portal Access

Each plan comes with an individualized portal which provides a central place to access information and stay up to date with the process.  

  • Follow the process
  • Exchange updates
  • Access to curated education and training
  • Communicate with your experts
  • Access information even after you are done with the program!

Happy Customers


C. Hamilton

“The Credit Restoration team was very informative and helpful with both my and my wife’s accounts. I was confused on certain things and didn’t have a proper understanding of credit scoring. The consultant gave me solid strategies and information, and now I know what to to do better my score. I’m very appreciative and thankful.”


M. McCall

“From where I was last year to this year my credit has improved tremendously. You’ve allowed me to have options. If I want to buy a car, I can. If I want to get a credit card, I can. You’ve helped me out a lot and I really appreciate it.”


M. Hopkins

“I’ve been very happy with the service. You have been very patient with us and I have already seen results that I’m happy with. I know that with your continued attention, my credit will be getting even better very soon.”


T. Fields

“Thank you, I see a huge jump in my credit scores. I am so happy. I am still following the plan and hopefully by the end of the year, I will be at 700. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.”

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